Introducing The Tbilisi Tomorrow Institute

The Tbilisi Tomorrow Institute is a research and policy think-tank focused on the issues that will shape Tomorrow. Based in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, our international team is dedicated to becoming the leading institute in Eastern Europe illuminating the complex issues of technological advances that are changing how businesses operate, how governments govern, and how people live their lives. Artificial Intelligence, Data & Privacy, and Biotechnology are just some of the areas that will have a massive impact on Tomorrow. And, of course, this has already begun.

We have a multifaceted approach. One of our core strengths is law & policy: researching how the existing, and developing, laws apply to these new technologies, as well as how they ought to apply. We also have experts in data analytics and in developing AI, as well as the entrepreneurship side – how a business can adopt this knowledge to enhance their firm’s business advantage. Another important field is linguistics – how technology can understand our language, and how computers communicate between each other.

An important territory for our Institute is education. Beyond businesses seeking to utilize new technology, we strive to educate people interested in these constantly evolving fields. We will offer university level courses, as well as short summer or winter schools. We are developing other training modules for specific audiences, such as government officials, lawyers, business-people, and the public-at-large. In the Fall, we will host our annual international conference.

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Timothy Barrett

Associate Professor of Law at the University of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia) and Research Fellow at the Tbilisi Tomorrow Institute. Prof. Barrett’s current research focuses on fields affecting the future, such as artificial intelligence, smart cities, data & privacy. Before moving to Georgia, he was a practicing attorney in the United States, with significant courtroom and jury trial experience. He has a background in civil law, working in private practice, as well as in criminal law, as a prosecutor and as a decorated police officer with the New York Police Department. Prior to law school, Prof. Barrett served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.

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