Artificial Intelligence: Preparing for the Future Workshop

Hosted by University of Georgia & Tbilisi Tomorrow Institute

Tomorrow is arriving faster than you thought.

Are you prepared?

New technology is changing the world and affecting every industry. This workshop focuses on 9 spheres that are being affected by innovation; if you are involved in one of these, you should attend and learn about your future. Certificates awarded to successful participants.

AI: Preparing for the future Workshop


Workshop Fee: $200 per module


The University of Georgia is generously providing scholarships for all participants; the participants will not need to pay any fees to attend.

Fully Funded Scholarships by University of Georgia
Fully Funded Scholarships by University of Georgia

Download the Brochure:

INTERNATIONAL INSTRUCTORS from the Tbilisi Tomorrow Institute

Prof. T.J.A. Barrett

Paramjeet Berwal, LL.M.

Jose Romero Cordova, LL.M.

Choose from 9 Modules

Please chose ONE of the modules that you would like to attend. Each participant is limited to only one module. (You may select a second choice, in the event your first choice is already full.)

Saturday, 14 December

1) AI & Media: How is AI changing journalism?

2) AI & Economy: How will Artificial Intelligence shape the Global Economy?

3) AI & Business Management: How is AI changing the way business is conceived and done?

Saturday, 21 December

4) AI & International Relations: How is AI reconstructing the global order?

5) AI & Democracy: How will AI influence democratic setup and principles?

6) AI & Human Rights: How does AI interact with Human Rights?

Sunday, 22 December

7) AI & Philosophy: What does AI mean for humanity and human mind?

8) AI & Law: How will AI alter the fabric of society and its institutions?

9) AI & International Security: What changes will AI usher into global security scenario?

  • Each module is:
    • focused on a specific sphere that is being affected by AI
    • 2 hours long
    • limited to 10 participants or less

Participants can only attend one module and each module has limited seats. This will help ensure a very active workshop. This will not be a passive lecture; each module will be highly interactive and is built upon participation by all those attending. Each workshop should be a highly rewarding experience and a great way to learn about how these new innovations are affecting Tomorrow.

If you are interested in attending one of the Modules, apply by completing this Form.

In case of more applicants than available seats, the instructors will select applicants based on the information given in the application form; some preference will be given to early applicants, so do not delay.

Each Module will take place at the University of Georgia Law School, in the newly remodeled Law Library of Room 427. Training will be conducted completely in English.

About the University of Georgia

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia (“UG”) is the largest private educational institution in Georgia. The aim of UG has always been to develop and maintain high academic standards, as well as a high quality of student life, for the benefit of both our students and our community.

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About the Tbilisi Tomorrow Institute

The Tbilisi Tomorrow Institute is a research and policy think-tank focused on the issues that will shape Tomorrow. Based in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, our international team is dedicated to becoming the leading institute in Eastern Europe illuminating the complex issues of technological advances that are changing how businesses operate, how governments govern, and how people live their lives. Artificial Intelligence, Data & Privacy, Smart Cities, and Biotechnology are just some of the areas that will have a massive impact on Tomorrow. And, of course, this has already begun.

If you are interested in attending one of the Modules, apply by completing this Form.

If you have questions, please email us.

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