Introducing The AI Guys

This is a project we have been discussing since we first began the Tbilisi Tomorrow Institute. Today, we have finally taken the plunge and posted our first YouTube Video!

The AI Guys is a video podcast with Jose Romero Cordova, Paramjeet Berwal, and Timothy Barrett. We plan to have in-depth discussions about new topics related to our fields, deep looks into new technology and related policies, and even discussions about some popular movies that address AI. We will also have shorter videos, explaining some of these topics to those new to the field and looking for better understanding.

In our first episode, we discuss how AI is being used to fight the Corona Virus around the world, how that affects data privacy, and what the possible future looks like.

Our next episode should be coming out shortly! If you have suggestions for episode topics, comment below.

Click HERE to watch Episode 001!

Timothy Barrett

Associate Professor of Law at the University of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia) and Research Fellow at the Tbilisi Tomorrow Institute. Prof. Barrett’s current research focuses on fields affecting the future, such as artificial intelligence, smart cities, data & privacy. Before moving to Georgia, he was a practicing attorney in the United States, with significant courtroom and jury trial experience. He has a background in civil law, working in private practice, as well as in criminal law, as a prosecutor and as a decorated police officer with the New York Police Department. Prior to law school, Prof. Barrett served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.

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